Photo Recap | Life at City Church 1/6/13

Yesterday we got to hear from Pastor Jeremy on New Year’s Resolutions: And How to Respond to Failure, make sure to check out the sermon from Psalm 3! We also got to pray for and send off Richard and Emily, two missionaries who are heading out to India in a few weeks. Please be praying for the both of them. Lastly, don’t forget we launch our first morning service next week!

Sermon Highlights

  • Psalm 3:3 – Religion tells you “work hard to change your circumstances so you can be happy and close to God.” The gospel says “be happy in the work God did to bring you close him.”
  • 2 Samuel 15:30 – What you yearn for is likely to become part of your identity. Pray honestly for God’s presence in your circumstances, not changed circumstances.
  • God doesn’t protect us FROM circumstances. He protects us THROUGH circumstances.
  •  Gen 15:1 (NIV)  I am your shield, your very great reward. Jesus is both our protector and great treasure.
  • “To the degree that you believe Jesus sunk down and has become the thing on which your life is based; to the degree that that’s your glory and that’s the thing that you know makes you significant and nothing else; to that degree you’ll be impervious to the debilitating kind of fear.” -Tim Keller
  • Community is not optional. Check out our community groups to get involved!

Pastor Jeremy preaching from Psalm 3.


Praying for Richard and Emily – missionaries being sent out to India.


Worshiping Jesus together.

Pastor Trevor closing out the service

Pastor Trevor closing out the service



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