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Thank You, Ashley

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8 months doesn’t seem like long enough to make an impact. But it was for Ashley Mayhew. 

Ashley came on our staff last spring to lead and develop our First Impressions (FI) team. These are the folks that welcome people to our church, help first time guests feel at home and then follow up with them to help them connect them to relationships.

Ashley thought big picture. She was the driving force behind the Weekender, which helps people move from mere connection to commitment.

She also thought small details. She made our bathrooms look less like a dungeon and more like a palace.

One of the marks of a great leader is that they call others into leadership alongside them. Ashley did this as well as anyone I know. She never did anything alone. She was always showing and equipping someone to take her place. In fact, Ashley was a product of another great leader who blazed a trail for her at City Church- Travis Prater. Great leaders always are clearing a path to make it better for those that follow.

Sadly, as of February 1st, Ashley has left her position as FI Team leader as she works on finishing up her graduate degree. But she is leaving that team with leaders and a structure that will allow us not to miss a beat.

When I talk to people who come back to our church, I often ask them “What brought you back?” The most frequent answer is  “People talked to me. I wasn’t only greeted, I felt like people cared about me.” This is the value of our First Impressions team. They not only help people feel comfortable, they make sure they are loved.

So, in honor of Ashley, do 2 things this Sunday at City Church.

1. Tell Ashley “Thank you”.

2. Commit yourself to a team that is serving others. First Impressions is a great place to start. Maybe you’re the next leader God is calling up to serve. Sign up to serve by clicking the red box below.