Christmas Mission Offering

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Christmas Mission Offering

Would you be willing to give $20 a week from now until the end of the year?

With it, we'll bless our city by meeting some physical needs of the broken and we'll bless the world through church planting.

To reach that goal, it'll require us to be a generous people. It'll require everyone to give.

So this Christmas season as you contemplate your gift giving, consider making your gift to the Christmas Mission Offering the largest gift you give. Consider giving a gift of more value to Jesus than you would of any one person on the face of the earth.

City Church, because Jesus gave himself for us, let's be a people who give generously so others can experience the grace of God that transforms lives.

Where it will go:

International Church Planting:
South Asia
National Church Planting
Local Outreach:
Journey Home
Greenhouse Ministries
Bradley Elementary