Community Groups

Summer drill groups

This summer we are excited to offer 5 groups meeting over the summer on 4 different topics: Parenting, Racial Reconciliation, Marriage, and Social Justice. You can see the dates and  info here

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Community AND Mission

Community Groups are groups of Christians devoted to one another in order to declare the gospel to a specific network of people and demonstrate it tangibly.

On Purpose

Community Groups meet regularly in homes across the Murfreesboro area. These groups intentionally gather to eat a meal together, talk about life, apply the gospel, and are a hub for inviting others in to hear about following Jesus. But the real success of our groups is the relationships that continue outside the regular meeting time. Friendships are be formed, relationships deeped, and mission cultivated by doing life together in common rhythms. Group members serve one another in times of need as well as become partners in pursuing the Great Commission together.

What to Expect

When we meet we share a meal together. We’ve learned that some of the best conversations and insights we learn together begin as we slow down and enjoy some food together. We also have more intentional discussion on matters of life and the gospel usually centering around a passage from the Bible. Many times our discussions are anchored by a previous sermon and guiding questions to think through scripture. We make time to pray for one another as well as plan ways to participate in mission together. Groups typically last about an hour and a half and kids are welcome. Childcare is provided at many of our groups but not all.

Next Steps

A good next step is to get in contact with one of our Community Group Leaders. You can view a list of groups, their information, and contact them directly by using our community group finder below. Our leaders would love to talk to you about what God is doing in their group and how you might be part of doing community and mission on purpose with them.

Community Group Finder