What is Multiply?

Multiply is a two-year initiative to resource City Church’s vision of Multiplying Gospel Change For Broken People On Purpose. We’re asking God to do 3 things in our church during Multiply.

1. Multiply Generosity In us

We want to be a church that is hungry for God to keep working in us as he works through us. Many in our church have experienced God’s grace working on them as He brings healing and restoration but have never opened their hands up to give their money away consistently and sacrificially. We want 100% of the people at City Church to experience the grace and freedom of being able to give away what God has entrusted.

2. Multiply Equippers Among Us

We value relationships over programs. To multiply gospel change for broken people, we have to prepare our people to love and lead people coming out of pain, abuse, and abandonment. That takes equippers. It takes high-capacity people who can help every member of our church to love their broken neighbors, friends, and family. We already have some of these equippers on our staff, but they are on borrowed time, raising their own financial support or working 2 or 3 other jobs to make ends meet. We want to resource them to lead.

3. Reach Families

Murfreesboro is the 11th fastest growing city in the country. There are 100 people moving into the Boro every week and many of those are families. We need to make room for these kids so they and their families can experience gospel change. With only two years left on our lease, we believe the best way to do that is to plan and execute a relocation before our lease expires. A building is a tool rather than a trophy. We will not arrive when we move into a new, larger space. We simply want to be strategic about where God has placed us and the people he has called us to reach.

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