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Committing Yourself To The Local Church

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Below is a quote from Australian pastor, Mark Sayers on the beauty of committing yourself to the local church:

"The Christian understands the church as a vital resource in fighting the flesh...its common meal of communion reorients us around our primary identity as citizens of heaven.

Communion reminds us of the freedom, the reality of grace given to broken sinners, the ultimate social equalizing force. Yet at the same time, the commitment that church requires bites deep into our flesh, pulling us back from running into a dangerous freedom.

In our contemporary culture, set around the needs of the individual, in which we pick and choose where to spend our time at our leisure, where formed as consumers we give but we expect in return, the social architecture of the church reorients us away from a fleshly obsession on self.

To be a truly redemptive force, a church needs the commitment of its individual members--those who shape their lives around its rhythms and calendar, who restrict their options and choose instead to serve the bride of Christ.

The small commitment of regular attendance grows into the commitment of loving brothers and sisters in Christ, which blossoms into the service of those outside the church, love of neighbor in sharing of good news and seeking of mercy and justice.

The opposite of the works of the flesh, Paul reminds us in Galatians, is the fruit of the Spirit: "Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control" (Gal. 5:22-23).

This fruit cannot be bought, or downloaded; instead it emerges from an inner life, shaped by the reality of fighting the flesh, of living by the Spirit in the church. It grows as it is sown--lovingly, carefully, tenderly, painstakingly, slowly.

It is a shared crop, the result of imperfect people walking together toward Christlikeness."

Have a think on that.

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February 2018 Building Update

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By: Jeremy Young

Back in May of last year, we started a 2-year initiative called Multiply. We believed God was asking us to:

  1. Multiply generosity in us
  2. Multiply Equippers among us
  3. Reach Families

We set a goal for the people of our church to generously give $2 million BUT Multiply was never meant to be an end in itself. With about a year remaining if we meet our $$ goal we will not have necessarily arrived. Multiply has always been a means to accomplish our goal of “Multiplying Gospel Change. For Broken People. On Purpose.”

And Praise God, we do see the generosity of the people of our church further enabling us to accomplish the vision that God has given to our church.

One of the components of Multiply was to find a larger gathering space for our church, specifically a larger space for CityKids. We’ve been working with a realtor for over a year and together we’ve kicked over a lot of stones but we’ve not found anything that has fit us.

Additionally, some of you might have heard that our neighbor, Gold’s Gym, is trying to move and have asked if we’ve considered that location. Yes, we have considered it and we are asking questions about it but it looks like it would only be a short-term solution given the price of the space and the age of the building.

Since there are many of you we thought it would be a good idea to give you an idea of what we’re looking for in case you see something or know someone who is thinking about selling/donating their building/land.

Space requirements:

  • Size of building- At least 15,000 sq ft.
  • 5-10 acres
  • Enough parking for 250 cars (2-3 acres)
  • Within approximately 3 miles from our current location
  • We’d prefer to buy over lease

We’re trusting God to grow us and lead us wherever He will. Regardless of our space, we want to delight in Him and not fear that our kid’s space is not ideal.

Please pray with us that the way we love God and love one another would bring us deep joy and contentment that far outweighs what we think is not comfortable or ideal.

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