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Personal Habits Inventory

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Let me answer some objections you might have right now.

“Trevor, I’ve tried this…and it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried to read my Bible. I’ve tried to pray. It's just not

First, one of the reasons we fail at establishing disciplines…is
because we don’t do the first part of 21. We don’t put away stuff
before we put on new stuff.

We just add to our lives. Instead of replacing watching
television…we try to do it all. But the word DECIDE…to make a
choice….means to CUT OFF. It means you STOP doing something
and start doing something NEW. David Foster Wallace called it
active CHOOSING.

Second, a reason we often fail in disciplines is that we try to do them alone. We say, “I’m gonna start working out,” but we don’t work out WITH anyone…so we fail, because as John Ortberg says, “Habits eat willpower for breakfast.”

In other words, when you first start a habit, you are doing it out of
willpower. But your old habits don’t need willpower. They are just
running automatically in the background. And Habits almost always win over willpower. Especially, to start a habit, we need to do them together. We need others to help us.

Third, some of you keep trying to change the world when all you
really need to do is take a small step of faith. If you aren’t praying
or reading Scripture...don’t start by promising yourself that you’ll
read 30 minutes 7 days a week.

Old Habits will eat that for breakfast.

It’s better to succeed at reading one verse for 45 seconds 5 days a week…or listening to an audio version of the Bible on you’re way to work. You aren’t doing something less. You are developing a habit of IMPLANTING THE WORD.

Let's start with an honest look in the mirror.

This week on our website and in all our community groups, we’re
going to give you a “Personal Habits Inventory.”

The purpose is that you take an honest look at the water you’re
swimming in. What is forming the way you think and act.

And listen, the point is not so that you feel terrible about your
choices. That won’t get you anywhere.

This is sort of the “before” picture you take right before you start
working out. So you can see what you need to work on…and what
Superfluity of Naughtiness you need to put away.

And, honestly, so in a year or so, you can see what progress you may have made.

Download the PDF here.

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