Covenant Membership

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Covenant Membership

Beliefs about Membership

We believe that church is not a place you go or an event you schedule, it is people that have been brought from death to life because of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection on our behalf. We want to respond to that beautiful truth together. 

God’s loves for us is expressed as a covenant love. He committed to save us forever by sending Jesus to step in to take the punishment of our sin and to secure a relationship with Him as his children (Romans 8). If he did that for us, we believe that should inform the type of relationships the people of City Church should display to one another. We will love and pursue just like he loves and pursues us. 

What Membership Looks Like

This means that the church promises to be faithful to lead, teach, rebuke, reprove, challenge, encourage, and live life with you. We promise to push you and hold you accountable to live your life on a mission to share your life and share the gospel with people that don’t know the grace and truth found in Christ. This also means you agree to commit to the people of the church and not run away when life gets tough.

We will fail one another. But the covenant keeps us coming back to reestablish a relationship. God didn’t run from us because of our sin. He lavished mercy and grace upon us. In the light of the way God has treated us, neither will we run from one another. 

Next Step

Our next step in becoming a covenant member is attending The Weekender. To learn more about it, check out our Weekender page HERE. You can sign up for The Weekender by providing the information below.