Women's Conference 2021

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Women's Conference 2021

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A message from tori young

About the COnference

The Lord will guide you...he will satisfy your needs...he will strengthen you...You'll be like a well-watered garden and a never-stopping spring. - Isaiah 58:11

This is a True and Very Real promise...BUT is that your present experience?

At this year's conference we're going to show you and give you the necessary tools so that this becomes your reality.


Due to the coronavirus we were unable to have our spring conference so instead we've reformatted the conference into a 4-part series that will take place over the next couple months.

 Each gathering will be held either in person with your community group (groups have been partnered together) or via a zoom group for those who are not comfortable with gathering together in person.  

Registration for our 1st gathering is available NOW!  Please select which group you will be attending by clicking on the Community Group you are a part of OR the zoom option. 

 If you are not connected to a Community Group, please select the "Connect me to a Community Group" Option.  

 You DO NOT have to attend all four gatherings to be a part of the Conference.  Each will have its own registration

We look forward to connecting with each of you! If you have any questions, please contact  .