Multiply FAQs

What are you asking me to do?

We are asking that everyone make a commitment to give to Multiply. We are asking you to pray and seek God for how he wants you to respond. Prepare your heart to hear him, and then listen to what he says. Connect to a community group if you are not already part of one. Talk with your spouse, your family, and your friends about what this commitment will mean for this next season. Respond to the generosity of the gospel by giving extravagantly for the progress Multiplying Gospel Change For Broken People On Purpose.

How long is my commitment?

The fulfillment period for your commitment will begin with our Big Give Weekend on May 21st and will culminate on May 26, 2019.

What if I’ve never given to City Church before?

If you have never given financially to City Church, Multiply is for you! Multiply is a “one-fund” generosity initiative. It is different from a traditional capital campaign where you are asked to give an extra gift “over and above” your regular giving. Rather, Multiply recognizes that everyone in the church is called to give generously and sacrificially. Multiply is not merely for “super givers”; it is for all of us. It is a call to sacrificial generosity for everyone at City Church. If you have never given before, this is your chance to join us with a joyful and sacrificial commitment.

How does the One-Fund approach to Multiply change my giving to support the general budget, missions, and other special offerings?

During this two-year period (which will begin May 21st, 2017), every contribution to God’s work through City Church is a contribution to our Multiply initiative. Every aspect of the ministry vision God is calling us toward will be funded through Multiply. There will not be separate funds. Every gift made will go into the same Multiply fund. Therefore, every weekend becomes an opportunity to celebrate and contribute to what God is doing in and through City Church as we Mulitply Gospel Change For Broken People On Purpose.

Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give to Multiply?

Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give. Don’t overlook stored assets that you own. Gifts of appreciated property (stocks, real estate, mutual funds, jewelry, artwork, collectibles, etc.) often make great gifts with significant tax advantages. Please consult with a professional advisor for advice in your particular circumstance. If you need assistance with making a gift of property or stock, we would be delighted to help! You can contact Jeremy Young for questions about and instructions on how to do this ( ).

What if I’m a college student?

God has blessed City Church by allowing us to invest in the lives of college students here in Murfreesboro. Although college students are notorious for living on tight budgets, the college years are an ideal time to develop a kingdom-focused plan in the areas of personal budgeting and generous giving. This is a time when students can sacrificially give in order to help us Multiply Gospel Change For Broken People On Purpose.

When and where are we moving and what kind of building will be in? Will be build?

Those are really good questions and ones that we’ve been asking and praying about for nearly 2 years. With the growth in Murfreesboro the real estate market is sky-rocketing. We are constantly evaluating the availability of properties and have not taken anything off the table as far as building or moving into an existing facility. Our lease for our current space will end in July of 2019, which means we’ll need to begin executing a plan this year (2017) in order for it to be ready.