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A Heritage From The Lord

Dustin Walker /Sep 17, 2015
Category: The Church

In Psalm 127 we read that children are a heritage from the LORD. By this kids are the generational evidence that God is still at work and keeping His promises. Kids are indeed a blessing and it is our responsibility as families and as the church to train them up.
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The Return to Campus

Jonathan Edwards /Aug 18, 2015
Category: The Church

You’ve known this date for several months. It’s been on your calendar. It’s been in your phone, on your whiteboard, in your planner, and on your mind. The start of the Fall semester.
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Tags : college, the grove

3 Cringe-Worthy Words

Jim Savelyev /Aug 17, 2015

Spiritual self-discipline. Those three words probably just made you cringe. For me, it was something I really wanted after I became a believer and could never seem to actually achieve. I had all of these desires to do the right thing, but absolutely no strength to do any of it. This is a common them…
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  • City Church, what if we actually believed that people coming to know Jesus was more important than living a pain free life? #ChurchGO
  • Fall Party tonight for 7th-12th graders at 6 PM! #theUprising
  • May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ. 2 Thess. 3:5
  • If you are praying in Jesus’ name, under his authority, you didn’t start the conversation & you don’t end the conversation. #ChurchGO
  • October 25th. Equipping Center. 6 PM. How to Share the Gospel. RSVP on the City for childcare.