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Sunday Morning @ 10AM

313B South Church Street | Mufreesboro, TN 

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Pregnant Prostitutes: How God is Saving Broken Families

Trevor Atwood | May 22, 2016

When Jesus came, he went to adulterers, and prostitutes… and he told them… “I am the Everlasting King to whom David pointed. And I have a kingdom. And I’m here to make you royal. I’m here to buy you back. I have come to redeem you.”

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Taking Wise Risks

Trevor Atwood | May 24, 2016

This past Sunday, we looked at Ruth 4. One of the key ideas from that chapter is the way Boaz took a wise risk in marrying Ruth, while another guy (we’ll just call him ...

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Jump With Your Kids

Dustin Walker | May 18, 2016

Trampolines are fun. I loved jumping on my friend’s trampoline when I was a kid.  I thought I was a straight-up ninja.  I felt like I could fly. In all my ...

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