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One Step Forward

Whitney Mihaich /Nov 05, 2015

I have decided to believe that God has placed me here and that in His faithfulness to direct my steps, I can move forward, learning as I go and hopefully equipping others to step out in the confidence found in Christ to walk humbly, truthfully, and graciously with one another.
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What Scares You The Most?

Clint Nadeau /Oct 19, 2015
Category: Relationships

Talking about what absolutely scares you the most might just save your life.
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A Heritage From The Lord

Dustin Walker /Sep 17, 2015
Category: The Church

In Psalm 127 we read that children are a heritage from the LORD. By this kids are the generational evidence that God is still at work and keeping His promises. Kids are indeed a blessing and it is our responsibility as families and as the church to train them up.
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