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The Return to Campus

Jonathan Edwards /Aug 18, 2015
Category: The Church

You’ve known this date for several months. It’s been on your calendar. It’s been in your phone, on your whiteboard, in your planner, and on your mind. The start of the Fall semester.
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Tags : college, the grove

3 Cringe-Worthy Words

Jim Savelyev /Aug 17, 2015

Spiritual self-discipline. Those three words probably just made you cringe. For me, it was something I really wanted after I became a believer and could never seem to actually achieve. I had all of these desires to do the right thing, but absolutely no strength to do any of it. This is a common them…
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Following Solo: A Myth

Dustin Walker /Aug 13, 2015
Category: Relationships

Immediately following these first events we read about a group of people gathering together sharing all things in common, studying the Scriptures, and continuing to live on mission by telling others about Christ...
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