City Youth

who we are

City Youth is a ministry for students in grades 6-12 led by a team of college and adult volunteers

What we do

Wednesdays // youth gathering

When: 6:30- 8:30pm

Where: City Church

On Wednesdays, we gather for a night of games, singing, teaching and group discussion. 

Additionally, we have occasional Saturday hangouts, annual summer retreats and more. Our leaders genuinely love spending time with our students.

Why we do it

Student ministry is meant to be more than an adolescent holding tank with pizza. That just smells bad.

At City Youth, we obviously want to help students better understand the Bible, come to know Christ as Savior, and learn what it means to walk in obedience.

But we’re about a lot more than that, too.

We believe our job is to equip students to walk in faith when they leave their parents’ homes after high school. In order to do that, we need to do more than just teach students facts about Scripture or convince them to follow Christ.

We need to equip them to study Scripture on their own and show them the eternal value of being a part of a local church family.

Throughout the various events or ministries we do through City Youth, in addition to leading students to Christ and teaching them what the Bible says, we want to equip them to study
the Bible on their own and understand the importance of the family of God expressed in the local church.

We work toward this this so that, when the students graduate out of our care, we know we have equipped them to study the Bible and participate in the local church without the constant oversight of their parents or leaders. 


City Church wants to equip you to lead. If you want to learn how to disciple middle and high school students, please let us know by clicking the link below.