Local Outreach

 Jesus’s final commands to his disciples were to make disciples by taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. He made this clear in Matthew 28:18­-20 as well as in Acts 1:8. This is our calling as Christians not just for a special few. God saves us with an intent to send us: to a neighborhood, a new city, or perhaps to a different country. And it is our special privilege to be ambassadors of Christ as we encourage and support mission efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. We hope that you will pray, give, and go in support of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. 

Local Outreach

City Church is serving the Murfreesboro community in numerous ways, many of which are not organized by the church at large but motivated by the gospel through the hearts of people. Our church body is encouraged to live missionally through their Community Groups as they reach their neighbors and coworkers. As a church we are focusing our efforts to reach the immediate community in downtown Murfreesboro through building a relationship with the teachers and staff at Bradley Academy. We find in general that the best way to be involved in local mission is to be part of a community group. For more information about serving locally, contact .

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