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Current Series


Call + Response

Prayer is an instrumental, but often neglected, aspect of the Christian walk. In this series, we’re going to go through what’s historically known as the Lord’s prayer - what Jesus taught his disciples to pray. 

We often think of prayer as humans calling to God and waiting for him to answer. But prayer is better when God starts the conversation and we respond. In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus is starting the conversation.


To many people, the book of Exodus can seem like nothing more than a warped historical account filled with ancient, antiquated legends. But the detailed account of God rescuing Israel from bondage and their subsequent worship of him is so much more.

The contrast presented in Exodus essentially mirrors the duality of the gospel. The first half of Exodus describes how God rescued Israel from bondage, while the second half of the book shows how God leads Israel to rightly worship him.

Like the Israelites, we are both saved from something and for something. We’re saved from sin, for worship.

This series explores how the theme of “rescue and worship” presented in Exodus applies to the life of the 21st century believer.

Deep & Wide On Purpose

Many people believe a church is either "Deep" or "Wide". You either help people BE disciples...or help people MAKE disciples. 

This is not true. If we think we are "Deep" without making disciples...we probably aren't as deep as we think. If we think we can be "Wide" without a need for an deeply intimate & growing relationship with Christ...we may not be making disciples at all. 

This is a series on the vision of City Church to "Multply Gospel Change. For Broken People. On Purpose." It emphasizes the importance of spiritual disciplines, making disciples, and the connection between the two.

Guest Speakers

Sometimes we have guest speakers to bless us with a word. If you're looking for a change in pace, this series is an excellent resource.